Crossing Signs of New England

photographed by Stanley Rabinowitz

Bike Xing

Bike X-ing

(Children) Crossing

Children Crossing

Deer Crossing

Deer Xing

Dog Xing

Grandchildren Xing

Duck Crossing

Duck Xing

Elderly Crossing

Elderly Crossing Ahead

Foot Traffic Crossing

Golfer Xing

Golf Cart Crossing

Golfers Crossing

Slow Handicap Xing

Horse Xing

Horses Crossing

Heavy Equipment Crossing

Moose Crossing

Moose Crossing next 7 miles

Ped Xing, 2 children facing left

Ped Xing, 2 children facing right

Pedestrian Crossing (diamond)

Pedestrian Crossing (rectangular)

Ped Xing (diamond)

Ped Xing (rectangular)

Slow Pedestrian Crossing

Slow Pedestrians Crossing

Blind Pedestrians Crossing

Blind Pedestrian Crossing

Cattle Crossing

Railroad Crossing

Oxygen Pedestrian Crossing

Cow Xing

Railroad Crossing Private Way

Danger Railroad Crossing

Railroad Danger Crossing

Rail Road Crossing Motorcycles Use Caution

Lab Xing

Bear Crossing

Recreation Trail Crossing

School Crossing

School Xing (with crosswalk)

School Xing (one line)

School Xing

School Crossing (vertical)

Ped X-ing

Student Crossing

Tractor Xing

Truck Crossing

Truck Crossing (style 2)

Trucks Crossing

Railroad Crossing 2 Tracks

Astronomer Crossing

Bike Xing style 2

Slow Turtle Xing

Horse Xing style 2

Horse Xing style 3

Horse Crossing Next 1/2 Mile

Horse Crossing Next 1 Mile

Horse Crossing Ahead

Friesian Xing

Connemara Xing

Thoroughbred Horse Xing

Critter Xing

Rotty Xing

Amphibians Crossing

Mosquito Crossing

Deer Xing (one post)

Wildlife Crossing

Old Hunter Xing

Slow Pedestrians Crossing style 2

School Crossing Ahead

Golden Retriever Xing

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