Stan's Monthly DEC Reunion Dinner

I hold a monthly reunion dinner to stay in touch with my friends from DEC. Other friends of mine are welcome to show up also, as well as their friends.

The dinners are held on the first Monday of each month, however, holidays and other situations might cause the dinner to be postponed one week. Announcements of date changes are posted in the Yahoo group DECreunionDinner.

The dinners are held at 6:15 PM at Szechuan Chef at Vinal Square in North Chelmsford. (Please come a little early.)
[They used to be held at Ming Garden in Nashua, but Ming is now closed.]

Szechuan Chef is located at 6 Vinal Square in North Chelmsford, MA. 01863-1312
Their phone number is (978) 251-9888.

To get to Szechuan Chef:

From route 3, take exit 33 (route 40).
Proceed east on route 40 (toward Lowell) for 1 1/4 miles
until you get to a big intersection (Vinal Square).
This is the intersection of routes 40 and 3A in North Chelmsford.
The restaurant should be visible on the corner.
Parking is in the back.

Here is the old distribution list:
* Ken Ballou    
  Anne Broomhead (old)
* Jim Burrows (brons)
  Mark Buxbaum  
  Dave Cantor   
  John Covert   
* Bill Fisher   
* Mike Foley    
* Peter Gilbert 
  Andy Goldstein
  Kenn Goutal   
  Bob Hassinger 
* Steve Hobbs   
* Aron Insinga  
  Herb Jacobs   
  Steve Jeffreys
  Keith Kimball 
  Richard Lary  
  Bruce Leavitt 
* Tony Lekas    
* Bill Parke    
  Eric Peters   
* Mike Pettengill (Mulp)
  Duon Phong     (old)
  Eric Postpischill
* Stanley Rabinowitz
  Jim Ravan     
  Sharon Ravan  
  Jim Roth      
  Steve Root    
  Beth Rust               ecr@mv.MV.COM
  Dave Spain    
  Barbara Thomson
  Bill Todd     
  Rick Werme    
* Paul Winalski 
An asterisk (*) denotes "regulars".

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